Where To Shop This New Year


As the festive season nears, then there is a need to remind consumers on where to get their shopping and also where they can get great discounts during this festive season. I will mention a few shopping malls and markets in the U.K and reasons why one should shop there for an item for the New Year 2014.

• Westfield London

This is one of the renowned pioneer shopping mall in the U.K. It is an amazing complex with many shops in it including cafeteria where one can get something to bite while shopping. The shops inside the mall offer a wide variety of items to shop from for your new year’s plans. There are items that cater for all people, whether young or old. The shopping mall opens during the New Year’s Day and gives one the opportunity to shop even on the first day of the year. There are events at Westfield that may keep you entertained while shopping. Therefore if you are anywhere around London, make sure to look out for Westfield London for your one stop shopping need.

• Burlington Arcade

This is an ancient shopping arcade, actually the first shopping arcade in the world. It opened its doors in the year 1819 when still there were no arcades. It is rich of culture and therefore gives shoppers some sense of belonging while in it. Burlington arcade offers a wide range of items that shoppers may be interested in more especially during the festive seasons. The management has done a lot to maintain their stature in the society, therefore only the best shops are found in it giving shoppers an easy time to choose from the best. With all the rich culture, you definitely need to visit this shopping arcade for your New Year’s shopping activities.

• Canary Wharf

There are over 200 shops under this mall and it leaves a shopper with more than enough options. You cannot miss that thing that you need for your New Year’s shopping in this mall. It is also a good place to meet people and therefore if you are planning to shop as a group and you are in different locations, then this is a good place to meet first before starting off your shopping activities. All your shopping needs will be met at Canary Wharf and there is no need to worry about missing anything once you are in here. There are shopping attendants who will guide you through the mall to get that thing that you need for the New Year.

• King’s Road

This is where shopping meets shoppers. Here you will find all the trendy stuff that you need, thanks to the trendy boutiques and classy shops that are in the mall. If you want to impress somebody during the New Year, then make a point of visiting this place to get the best in current trends. Without a doubt, this place makes a good shopping hub for fashion lovers for it is full of current and trendy items that are eye-catching. It brings out the celebration mood therefore good for shopping during the festivities and thus good place to shop your New Year item.

In a nutshell, shopping for that New Year item that you want has been made easy thanks to the above mentioned shopping complexes. It is important to note that most of this shopping malls will require your passport should you be a foreigner and therefore remember that passport renewal before expiration will be helpful for you to shop with much ease during this year’s festive season.

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