Trendy Retro Wedding 20 Years

According to the new bridal trend for 2013  the vintage style and retro atmosphere 20 years, are the most popular by far, especially those girls who imagine themselves as brides dive fatal on their wedding day.

If we analyze this style of dress, immediately take a cue from the movie The Great Gatsby, the film that recently had an extraordinary success at Cannes Film Festival.

We will immediately think of wedding dresses in silk satin in shades of ‘ecru faded, or in elegant ivory wedding dresses, “powdery”, from the sleek lines and soft, wrapped the body, caressing her with the draperies of the wise’ impalpable pure silk, the fabric must for excellence. Wedding dresses almost as “evening”, feminine and refined, often accompanied by seductive and daring slits, where the protagonists will necklines flirty alternating with malicious transparent of lace or chiffon fabric in silk.

To complete this beautiful bride retro style, the accessories for the bride, will be inspired by the theme of 20 years, with regard to wedding hairstyles, we will find her hair soft and wavy, or in contrast, helmets decided straight and short, which can be highlighted and enhanced by clips, but must be “strictly” luxury and glam.

Then the desire to dare to go along, and we evoke the charm of tiaras real princesses, the circles of celebrities on the red carpet, and the clips are bright and details. A highly glamorous style perfect to frame the face of a beaming bride, and if you associate it with the veil.

In the market the wedding hairstyles are available in great variety …… many clips are perfectly imitated by the real jewels, and are usually largely absent in China or

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