Amaze Brand Of Oversize T-Shirts

Oversize T-Shirts

Today we present you a brand of oversize t-shirts that will amaze you and that makes very personal productions. With these shirts you are sure to create a trend! Brock Hampton is a brand that offers premium Brock Hampton Shirt, 100% cotton of some weight and soft fabric.

The sizing of their shirts is oversized with a dropped shoulder. Exactly, the style of shirts that you don’t stop seeing on your Instagram and TikTok. And it is that oversized shirts (not three sizes larger) are back in fashion. Or have they ever stopped being fashionable? If you are a fan of these types of shirts this article is for you!

Cubist Inspiration and Neo-Expressionism

Brock Hampton offers unique designs that mix fashion and art. His designs drink from two great artistic movements:

On the one hand, cubism, the movement that had the city of Paris as its nerve center and its great teacher was Pablo Picasso, along with great artists such as Juan Gris, Georges Braque and Fernand Léger. On the other, Neo-Expressionism, the movement born in the late 1960s in Germany and which spread throughout Europe and the United States.

If this 2021 will be remembered for something, it will not be for any artistic movement, but for the COVID. The new brand of t-shirts, Brock Hampton, offers two t-shirts (one in white and one in black) inspired by all the feelings we have experienced during this confinement. Surely during these months that you have not been able to leave the house at some point you have climbed the walls or you have felt locked in. Then this shirt is for you!

A Brand that is Committed to Sustainability

Do you remember when (not so long ago) you bought a shirt and there were a thousand people on the street with it on? Or surely it has happened to you to buy a garment and wear it to a party and … surprise! Someone in the group also wore it. These are some of the consequences of consuming the big brands that are committed to fast fashion.

The world of fashion is experiencing its green revolution, as it has already happened to the world of food. More and more, we are moving away from the big brands to bet on artisan brands that are respectful with the environment and that provide us with a unique product.

It should be remembered that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. It is in our hands to change this trend and bet on brands like Brock Hampton. Their shirts are made in Portugal and screen printed in Spain. Unlike the brands that mass produce and offer impersonal products of limited duration, Brock Hampton relies on quality materials that ensure the durability of its garments.

Brock Hampton mixes fashion and art, with a careful product and high-quality design. Now more than ever is the time to support local fashion, brands that are born offering a unique product that offer us original and current looks and the most like brand Brock Hampton Hats is famous now. Let the new normal catch you dressed in sustainable brands that respect the planet. Remember: There is no planet B.

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