Impress Everyone With A Big And Flashy Jewel In The Wedding Day!

Flashy Jewel

Often we tend to imagine that the bride should always have a sober look, classic, minimal. Certainly good taste should accompany every bride’s choice regarding the dress (there are for all tastes, run to see the Bride Collections 2014 we have reviewed for you!), Accessories … but there are cases where exit from the patterns can really make a difference for the better! How to choose a big and flashy jewelry to wear on the day of your yes. Let’s see someone together, we will surprise you!

Let’s start with some prerequisite. A large jewel neck presupposes first and foremost that the top of the shoulders are bare. So a big necklace is perfect with a strapless gown with sweetheart neckline and maybe. As for the hairstyle is emphasized to the maximum with her ​​hair in a bun perfect. In short, if you wear a jewel important need to make sure that it is the only true hero … in addition to your smile of course!


It certainly is not a choice that will make all the brides because it sure is a gamble, but if your dress is not “too much” then you can play them this card maxi jewel. If you have a super necklace you will not need more! To find the best suppliers in Italy to better organize your wedding visit the dedicated section on our website and you will find suppliers of clothes, accessories, and jewelry, and unique location. Zankyou is the right choice for newlyweds 2.0 I want to maximize their time making a wedding perfect in every detail!

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