Know The Art Of Picking The Perfect Anniversary Ring

anniversary rings


Of course, you’re familiar with wedding bands and engagement rings, but how about anniversary bands? Anniversary bands are a wonderful way to commemorate the special bond you have with your loved one and to share in their delight. Many couples choose to commemorate a special occasion with a timeless piece of jewelry.

Don’t worry if you’ve never seen an anniversary ring before. If you have any questions, our 14k gold jewelry specialists are available to assist you.

The Meaning of an Anniversary Band

Anniversary rings are traditionally presented to a spouse on significant anniversaries such as the ten-, fifteen-, or twenty-year marks of a relationship. They come in a band form and may be adorned with diamonds or other jewels.

Tips On Displaying Your Anniversary Ring

An anniversary ring may be worn in a handful of different ways. First, you’ll need to determine whether this anniversary ring is intended to be worn in addition to or instead of your wedding ring set, or if it’s designed to be a completely separate piece of jewelry. If one or both partners have outgrown their wedding bands, exchanging them for an anniversary ring is a wonderful opportunity to purchase something new that better reflects their tastes.

One other common technique to show off an anniversaries ring is by stacking it with your engagement and wedding bands. If that seems too busy, but you don’t want to start over with a new set, many ladies want to wear their anniversary band on the ring finger of the other hand. There are limitless alternatives and it will all depend on what ring type you pick and what is most suitable for you.

Instructions For Picking An Anniversary Ring

Choosing the ideal Engagement Rings Direct  is an exercise of personal preference; there are no hard and fast rules or recommendations to follow. Some married couples opt to continue the tradition of exchanging anniversary rings between their partners by selecting a ring that is identical to the wedding band or engagement ring they already have. We advise you to choose a design for your 14K gold ring that symbolizes your shared values and commitment to one another. What aspects of this occasion are you seeking to capture?

Styles Of Anniversary Rings

Although bands have become the conventional design for anniversary rings, there is still a wide variety of styles from which to pick. You may choose a larger, more eye-catching ring with diamonds around the band if you want to wear the anniversary ring on its own. Getting a simpler style with a narrower band for Anniversary Rings is preferable if you want to use it as a stacking ring.

The choice of gemstones is another option to put your spin on an anniversary ring’s design. Although diamonds will never go out of style, now is your chance to try something new and bright! Another way to add some vibrancy to your anniversary gift is to select an anniversary ring and set it with the pink sapphire of you and your spouse.

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