Punjabi Dresses

Punjabi Dresses

Punjab is the province name in India and Pakistan. Both also share the culture in clothing and other customs.  The Punjabi dresses are very much famous for the Punjab region of Pakistan as well as in India also .As the Punjabis are very much happy and jolly persons thus they used to wear such clothing that is colorful and seems pleasant as well .The Punjabis used to wear such items that you could even recognize an unknown person from the distance that he or she is a Punjabi .Because Punjabis always follow the same rule of dressing and will always dress according to their cultural rituals .Thus, from all the cast of Pakistan, Punjabis are always at the top of the list with respect to their dressing, their styling, their manners, their fashion sense and many more .

Top class Punjabi Dresses:

As Punjabis came at the top of the list thus Punjabi dresses are also considered as the top class and best outfit as compared to other provincial dresses .Punjabi dresses have some special type of feeling of love, brotherhood, sincerity and happiness because of their culture .

Types of Punjabi Dresses:

There are many types of Punjabi dresses which can be found in any boutique or garments shop .The most important Punjabi dresses for ladies are :

Chori dar Pajama with long shirt:

This dress is very much common in young girls as girls love to wear such outfit in which they look beautiful .This dress if in fancy form can also be used in the functions or weddings .

Patiala salwar with short kurti:

This dress is very famous among all age group of ladies either young, mature or aged .In typical Punjabi Families, the mature ladies like house wives or mature mothers also used to wear this type of outfit because they feel comfortable in it and they feel happy in following their culture .

Sharara Salwar

This type of salwar is a sort of wide leg pants. Sharara Shalwars are just exactly look like skirts but they are worn with the drawstring. The women with slim and beautiful body posture this kind of salwars give a stylish look with traditional touch.

Lacha kurta dress

To rock the wedding ceremony the bridesmaid wears this stylish lacha kurta dress. Lacha is similar to dhoti shalwar with some variations. Brides also wear such kind of dress and it give them traditional look.

Dhoti Salwar with medium shirt:

This dress is unique in the sense that it is stitched differently from all the other costumes and is used by ladies in parties or functions .This dress looks elegant to those ladies who are young and have knowledge of fashion sense as well.

I hope this article has helped you understand the Punjabi dress and tradition. Not only Punjabi girls but all girls can rock wearing the Punjabi dresses.

Friendly advice

Wear Punjabi dresses with modern look to give a change to your daily routine. Irrespective of your region you can look great in above mentioned dresses.

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