5 Types Of Shoes That Enhances The Modern Woman’s Wardrobe

Types Of Shoes

The urge to buy shoes matching with the entire attire drives women to malls and shoe stores in droves. In this context, as a knowledgeable customer, you should know the essential new look shoes that should adorn your wardrobe. A discussed below, we are looking at three basic shoe types – heels, boots and flats.

High Heels

These shoes never go out of fashion and are essential footwear for making a lady look hip and fashionable. The extra height and the stylish gait after wearing a high-heeled shoe make the woman look extravagantly dressed. These shoes add oodles of style and glamor to most outfits.

Wedge Heels

These shoes are also known as block-heeled shoes. They can form a part of your everyday attire due to the elegant nature of the footwear. The wedge heels are also excellent additions for women who want to look tall while not compromising on mobility and comfort.


These are flat-soled shoes, ideal for daily, casual wear. The upper feet and toes are visible in this type of footwear, thus providing additional styling opportunities. You may pair it with most types of traditional formal wear or casual Western-style garments for a comfortable and chic look.


Traditionally, this footwear occupies the male wardrobe, but it adds a rugged charm to the female wearer. It is the best choice for a mountain or jungle holiday. You may pair a high-neck boot with jeans and a classy top for a different stylish look.


An essential part of your shoe collection, sneakers can be worn both for physical activities and general comfortable casual wear. It is a favorite of the teenagers; a jeans and top with an appealing sneaker is almost a ‘uniform’ for the college-going student.

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