10 Fashion Tips & Tricks For The Girly Girl

Fashion Tips

Whether we admit it or not, we’re all girly girls at heart or at least have moments when we feel like one. We all like wearing jeans and a t-shirt every once in a while, but let’s face it, every girl feels infinitely more feminine wearing a dress, stilettos, a clutch and especially women leather sandals that make a girl’s look completely feminine. Dressing up like a girly girl will definitely boost your self-confidence and make you feel like a true princess by wearing super stylish clothes and complimenting them with the perfect accessories. To help you glam up, we have made a list with 10 fashion tips and tricks for the girly girl that are just for you. Discover them all below and have fun dressing up!

  1. Purses

Big or small, purses are essential for girly girls. For a fancy event you can easily opt for a chic clutch, while for day to day errands you should go for a larger handbag.

  1. Hairstyling

You can’t expect to look feminine if your hair is a mess, can you? Invest in quality hair products and take care of your hair just as much as your wardrobe to look and feel great.

  1. Accessories

A girly girl always has her bling at hand. Stock up on earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings for all occasions. If ever in doubt, rock a pink pearls necklace to shine like a total diva.

  1. Nails

You should frequently treat your nails to professional manicures at the beauty salon to stay in tip top shape. Pink, red or beige nail polishes are lovely choices for girly girls.

  1. Heels

If you’re a girly girl, you can’t live without high heels that too comfortable women leather sandals. No matter if they are peep toes, sandals or killer pumps, you should always have a fabulous pair of heels at hand.

  1. Perfume

An essential part of the girly girl allure is the perfect perfume. Purchase one from a quality brand that will make your presence irresistible wherever you go.

  1. Mini Skirts

Girly girls always know when and how to show off their legs. Stock up on miniskirts, but make sure that you don’t tip over to the vulgar side. Gracefulness and good tastes should be on the top of your list of priorities as a girly girl.

  1. Makeup

Choose natural looking makeup that will enhance your features instead of packing them up. Some beige eye shadow, mascara and pink lip gloss will be perfect for you.

  1. Dresses

Girly girls can never have enough dresses. Long, short, frilly, slim-fitting, you should have at least one out of all of them. Play around with colors and find out which ones suit you the best.

  1. Pink

Last but oh so certainly not least, pink is a must when it comes to girly girls. You can buy all the pink clothing, footwear and accessories in the world and they still wouldn’t be enough. Make sure that if you wear something pink you contrast it with other colors like white, black or beige.

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