Add Volume To Your Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair

Are you one of the many people that suffer from hair thinning, or a mild case of alopecia? Do you wish to cover your bald spots or add volume to your seemingly lacking hair? Why not try hair extensions? Hair extensions and clip on hair are becoming a more frequent sight in the hair market, as the need and desire for longer, fuller, and more voluminous hair has increased by 70% in the last 5 years.  Hair extensions are used to add length to one’s hair with the help of artificial or human hair. If your thinning hair is suffering for the same boring style day after day, extension can help spice up your look. There are many pills and surgery options in the hair market claiming to regrow your hair.  Many times these products have serious side effects that make the outcome, of fuller hair, seem less than equivalent.  This is where hair extensions come in.

Types of Hair

There are many different options when it comes to choosing hair extensions.  Your choices range from a wide variety of hair; synthetic, animal – such as horsehair or yak, human and animal, human and synthetic, and 100 percent human hair, also known as virgin hair.  The type of hair you choose to use is based on the length of the time period it is needed for, and what is intended to be done to it.

Choosing Extensions

When it comes to choosing clip-ins and extensions, you first need to consider what use and wear it will be needed for.  If you are looking for clip-in’s that you know you will be wearing constantly and for months and years to come, it would make sense to invest in hair that would do just that.  With those attributes in mind, 100 percent virgin hair would be your choice.  This hair, being fully human is able to be washed and styled with heat, and still return to its previous form. If you are looking for hair to give to test for a few months, cheap synthetic extensions are for you.


Virgin hair is human hair that has been untouched by chemicals and dye.  The hair usually cost much more than other hair extensions, because it is real and in its natural state.  Hair of this state can be dye, heat can be applied and you can expect it to return to its former state.  Stated below are just a few types of virgin hair.

  • Peruvian hair is soft, black, shiny hair that is easy to clean and comes wavy, curly and straight.
  • Brazilian hair is well suited for people of African American descendants.  The hair comes in straight, wavy, and curly bunches.  This hair can also be dyed.
  • Malaysian hair is straight with a slight wave. Heat can be applied, and curls hold very well. This hair can resemble relaxed hair and is quite heavy and dense.
  • Colombian hair can be bought straight, wavy, and curly. It is able to be bleached, dyed and can withstand heat.


Synthetic hair is made of a wide variety of fibers. It is made to resemble human hair, but does not last as long.  Some hair of this type is heat friendly, but heat will only make the clip in’s time shorter.  The fiber of synthetic hair is like memory foam”.  If bad weather strikes while it is in your hair, there is no need worry about if your extensions will be given away, because the curl pattern is permanently set.  With proper care you can expect your extensions to last about 4-6 months, while heat friendly will last 2-3 months.

So whether you choose to invest in virgin hair, or you buy synthetic hair, you can guarantee the your extensions will add volume, length and hide your thinning hair from prying eyes.

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