Different Types Of Trend In Jeans

A great pair of jeans can be styled to suit any occasion, casual or formal. The trick is to finding a pair of jeans that perfectly suit your style, your body shape, and of course, your budget! Read on for a guide to the five types of jeans available:


Let’s start with the most popular fit of jeans, bootcut. These everyday-wear jeans have a tighter fit around the thighs and taper out towards the knee; Bootcut jeans are a safe option for most women, providing comfort and style without fitting too closely to the body. You’ll find bootcut jeans in most fashion retailers, with dark, light and grey coloured denim the common choices.


The boyfriend trend stems from the idea of actually nicking a pair of your partners trousers! The results, a baggy pair of jeans which provide a casual, masculine look. Boyfriend jeans are ideal for those with a fuller figure who don’t want jeans that cling. They usually come in a well-worn finish which gives the impression you’ve been hard at work on the construction site. Boyfriend jeans look amazing teamed with a vintage-print t-shirt and a pair of Timberland boots.


Skinny trends are probably the biggest jean trend of the moment; even men started donning the skinny jeans a few years back, and they don’t look set to stop anytime soon. Teamed with a fabulous pair of heels and an elegant blouse, skinny jeans are ideal for a smart occasion. Due to their figure hugging nature, they’re a sexy choice for nights out too. Skinny jeans are available in dark, light and coloured denims but let’s face it, skinny jeans don’t work on everyone; best suited for taller, slimmer builds they won’t fit comfortably for those blessed with curves.


When you want the fit of a skinny jean but the comfort of a pair of leggings, try jeggings! This recent jean revelation provides a denim effect trouser with the elasticity of tights, meaning you can move with a lot more freedom and never have to worry about your top button popping open. Jeggings are a brilliant choice for those who want to play around with bold colours and patterns, there’s a lot more choice out there than traditional jeans. Jeggings can go from day to night too; at home they’re a comfy yet stylish alternative to wearing joggers and with a nice pair of shoes or teamed under a mini dress, they’re great for hitting the dancefloor.

 Straight Cut

Another traditional jean cut is the straight leg jean. This design does not cling at the thigh and at the knee they hang without flaring at all. The jeans are normally the same width from knee to hem, ending a couple of inches below the ankle. If you want comfortable, smart jeans that let your figure do the talking – these are sophisticated purchase.

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